What is Live Resin and how to use it.

Live resin maintains the flavors and aromas of the cannabis living plant better than other cannabis extractions. It is less expensive and simpler to produce. It typically has a more complex terpene profile and can provide a richer experience. This is not to be confused with live rosin.

What exactly is live resin?

It is a concentrate of freshly harvested cannabis, named after the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it is derived. Live resin, unlike the majority of cannabis products, is made from plant material which does not include the drying and curing processes.

Fresh flower buds and sugar leaves are used as starting plant material; large fan leaves and stems are not included. The flash-freezing process aids in the preservation of the most desirable compounds and the full flavor of the cannabis plant. Concentrate enthusiasts prefer it because it provides a more flavorful and aromatic dabbing experience.

The primary goal is to capture the full essence, flavor profile and aroma of living cannabis. Then production process, which involves flash-freezing plant material and extracting compounds from it, is associated with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. By skipping the traditional drying and curing stages, a higher proportion of essential oils can be used. These oils, also known as terpenes, are responsible for the distinct flavors and aromas found in marijuana and the final extraction product. 

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The difference between live resin and live rosin

Live resin is produced by putting frozen cannabis plants through a solvent extraction process that employs a chemical such as butane or propane. Live rosin is solventless, relying on heat and pressure to extract trichomes from plants, typically via a press.

Both extracts are "live" because they are made from frozen cannabis plants. There are simple resins and rosins that use dried plants rather than frozen plants and use solvent and solventless extraction processes, respectively.

Distillate vs. live resin

Distillate is a cannabis oil produced when a resin is refined to remove impurities or isolate a specific compound. It does not use live resin as its source material, but rather frozen cannabis plant matter.

When distillate is processed, it typically lacks terpenes, as well as smell, taste, and flavor. While some customers may prefer this neutral flavor in a vape cart, it is not the same as the flavorful, terpy live resin.

Advantages of live resin

Dabbers prefer live resin because it has a stronger flavor and is more "terpy" than other concentrates. It preserves the flavor profile of the original marijuana plant by preserving trichomes and terpenes. The preservation of trichomes also preserves cannabinoids, and live resin is known to be potent.

Fresh freezing eliminates a lot of work in processing —whole plants can be chopped down, frozen, and sent directly to the extractor. This process saves growers a lot of time, effort, and money.

How to consume live resin

Live resin can be dabbed or vaped, there are many different vape pens with live resin and edibles.


Dabbing is the most common method of consuming live resin. You'll need a dab rig, torch, and nail, or an e-nail or e-rig to do so. You'll also need a dab tool to handle the concentrate and place it in the nail, most likely something with a scoop on it due to the goopy nature of live resin.

Using a dab pen, cartridges or disposables to vape

You can also use live resin in a dab pen, which is essentially a small, portable e-rig that allows you to control temperature and dab on the go. To get the live resin into the oven or bowl of the dab pen, use a dabber tool. Simply set the temperature, press the button, and inhale.

Similar to vaping distillate, live resin can also be purchased in disposable cartridges or cartridges. Simply attach the cart to a battery, let it warm up, and puff away. 

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More and more companies are producing live resin products, giving the products more taste and the full spectrum, entourage experience. Here at Triangle Hemp Wellness, we carry some of the more popular edibles on the market.

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How to store live resin

You would want to keep live resin cool and in an airtight container, preferably in the refrigerator if possible. This preserves the terpenes and keeps it tasting and smelling great for a long time. Leaving it out in the open with the lid off exposes it to air, light, and heat, which degrades the terpenes and reduces flavor. It will also dry out and harden as a result, making it difficult to handle.

Best Practices for live resin

  • Consult your doctor.

These products like other hemp derived products have the potential to increase heart rate, interfere with medications, and do other things that should be discussed with your doctor before using. If you have any health conditions, psychological conditions, allergies, medications, or anything else that could interfere with your ability to consume this type of product, you should not skip this step.

  • Always start with a small dose of any resin product.

When eating live resin gummies, begin with the serving size recommended on the packaging or lower.

  • Wait for the effects.

It can take up to 1-4 hours for edibles to reach their peak effect. It is best to wait for the effects to take effect before consuming additional amounts.

  • Consume on an empty stomach or within an hour of consuming.

The effects of these types of products vary from person to person, as with most things. Some people find that taking edibles after a meal works best for them, while others find that eating them on an empty stomach and then eating 30-60 minutes later works best for them. If you find that the effects are mild or underwhelming, changing the timing of your food intake may help you realize the full effects without having to increase the dose.

  • After consuming resin products, do not drive or operate machinery.

When consuming these products, it could be intoxicating and should not be used in situations where you could injure yourself or others.

Where can I find live resin products?

Live resin products are available in every state where they are legal. If you are in North Carolina, here at Triangle Hemp Wellness in Raleigh, we carry some of the best live resin products on the market. You can get live resin products delivered right to your door by ordering from our online store. We ship to most states!



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