DeltaExtrax THCh THCjd Gummies 1250mg or 2500mg

Delta 9 THC + THCh + THCjd + THCP + Live Resin Delta 8 THC


The amount of R&D that went into the Lights Out Collection makes these fantastic products the best products to come along.

Each gummy contains a delicious blend of Delta 9 THC, THCh, THCjd, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC. There has never been a more delicate combination of cannabinoids.

Turn off the lights, pop a gummy, and enjoy the unexpected night or day. By the way, the potency of these gummies is not to be underestimated. While you may believe that a Delta THC product will not provide a strong 'experience,' I strongly advise you to proceed with caution.

Each Lights Out Collection Gummy Jar....

With a total of 2500mg in 20 pieces, these are not something THC gummy fans will want to miss out on. These completely upgraded gummies will astound you with their candy-like taste and strong THC potency, in addition to packing a powerful punch!

Every Gummy, whether it's the aforementioned Purple Berry, Root Beer Float, Kiwi Watermelon or the fantastic Sour Peach, is packed with 125mg of the new formula. Each jar contains 20 gummy pieces with a total of 2,500mg. Naturally, these Gummies contain the above-mentioned proprietary blend of cannabinoids.

Each Lights Out Collection Blister Pack....

With a total of 1250mg in 10 pieces (Blister Pack), THC gummy fans should not pass these up. These completely upgraded gummies will astound you with their candy-like flavor, high THC potency, and powerful punch!

Every Gummy contains 125mg of the new formula, including Sour Apple, Blue Razz, and Watermelon Lemonade. Each pack contains ten 1,250mg gummy pieces. Of course, these Gummies contain the aforementioned proprietary blend of cannabinoids.