What Is Delta 11 THC?

If you're a dedicated THC user, you've likely heard the buzz about Delta 11 THC. Delta 11 is a new, more potent form of THC that is quickly gaining popularity among users. Delta 11 is more potent than Delta 8 and provides a more intense high. If you're looking for a stronger THC experience, Delta 11 maybe the way to go.

You may also be a bit confused as to what this new cannabinoid is. If you simply search Delta 11 in google what, you’ll likely end up with is a lot of information about 11-hydroxy-THC. Delta 11 and 11-hydroxy-THC are two entirely different cannabinoids.

Difference between Delta 11 vs. 11-hydroxy-THC

Delta 11 is a naturally occurring phytocannibinoid coming from the hemp plant. 11-hydroxy-THC is a highly potent THC metabolite that is released into the bloodstream when eating a Delta 9 THC edible due to the “first pass” metabolism method before it turns into traditional Delta 9 THC.

In this blog we’ll go over the differences between these two substances, how they are created, and even link you to the first Delta 11 product we have been able to get here at Triangle Hemp Wellness.

What Is 11-hydroxy-THC?

As mentioned above 11-hydroxy-THC is entirely different from Delta 11 and can only be metabolized from traditional Delta 9 THC. 11-hydroxy-THC is produced when orally eating Delta 9 THC. When eating an edible Delta 9 has to be processed through the liver, during this process called the “first pass” metabolism process is when 11-hydroxy-THC is released.

This is what causes Delta 9 THC edibles to be that much more potent than inhaling them. Although some 11-hydroxy-THC is released when inhaling Delta 9 as well it isn’t nearly enough to cause the potent effects it does when metabolized through the liver.

11-hydroxy-THC is known to be much more psychoactive than Delta 9 THC as well as boasts a 1.5 to 7x stronger potency.

What Is Delta 11 THC?

Delta 11 is a rare naturally occurring phytocannabinoid. Similarly, to 11-hydroxy-THC it is mainly produced during the breakdown of other cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC. Any time you eat a Delta 8 THC edible as it passes through the liver it produces 11-hydroxy-THC. Although it is entirely different from 11-hydroxy-THC we can assume that it functions in a similar manner within the body. That being said in theory it should be more psychoactive and have a higher potency than Delta 8 THC itself.

What Are The Expected Effects Of Delta Eleven?

Although D11 isn’t necessarily new, it has just started to hit the market as of recently so there are no anecdotal references to suggest what kind of effects this new cannabinoid will produce. It was first discovered in 1974 and further researched in 1990 but nothing since then.

That being said we know much about 11-hydroxy-THC and how it acts within the body and how it is processed. Delta eleven is processed similarly to its cannabis counterpart 11-hydroxy-THC except it is hemp derived.

Based on current reports Delta eleven should have very similar if not higher psychoactive properties than traditional Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC as well as a higher potency ranging from 1.5 to 7x stronger. It is also reported to have a much faster onset of effects.

For people that use cannabinoid products holistically to assist with medical issues like insomnia, chronic pain, or seizures, delta 11 might prove to be more attractive than other delta cannabinoids. This is because its longer-lasting effects can result in patients having to use less over the same period of time while providing the same continuous psychoactive benefits. 

Essentially, patients can consume less delta 11, and enjoy the same benefits as they would with a greater amount of delta 9. 

Where Can I Purchase D11 Products?

Here at Triangle Hemp Wellness, we are proud to be one of the first to bring you D11! As this cannabinoid is brand spanking new, there aren’t many products yet available. Let us be the shop that brings you all the new products first! 

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