How to Make Edibles Kick In Faster

Even though a lot of individuals prefer eating edibles, they might not appreciate having to wait up to two hours to get the benefits.  Edibles takes longer to take effect than when smoking cannabis, because cannabinoids must first travel via the digestive tract and liver before entering circulation. 

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Following these guidelines will guarantee that your edibles work more quickly: 

Empty Stomach

If you want edibles to work faster, eat them on an empty stomach so they can quickly reach your system. This is not suggested for those who have never ingested edibles before. If you are new to using edibles, eat a full meal before your first time to avoid a powerful, unpleasant high.

Purchase Drinks

If you want to get high faster, consider drinking your cannabis instead of eating it. Because liquids move through your digestive tract faster than solid foods, they should enter your circulation much faster as well.

There are a variety of delta THC infused products available here at Triangle Hemp Wellness we carry 3 CHI drink packets and Enjoy Delta 9 THC syrup's, which are a terrific way of getting cannabis quickly and efficient into your system. 

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Metabolism Increase

If you have a rapid metabolism, your body will digest the food faster and you will feel the benefits of the high sooner. As a result, it may be a promising idea for regular edible consumers to speed up their metabolisms to have a more joyful edible experience. This, however, is not a fast remedy. Increasing your metabolism requires you to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Working exercise on a regular basis, eating properly, and getting enough sleep every night might help you gradually increase your metabolism.

Consume Caffeine

Caffeine has been shown in studies to improve metabolism, so consuming a caffeinated beverage while eating an edible may be enough to temporarily raise your metabolism. Drink a glass of green tea or a cup of coffee with your next food to see if it helps speed up the digestive process and allows you to feel the high sooner.

Consider Your Options

If you are dissatisfied with how long it takes for an edible to take effect, you might want to investigate different options. Tinctures, for example, are cannabis extracts that, when applied beneath your tongue, swiftly enter your system. This is an excellent option for those who do not want to wait for edibles but also do not want to smoke cannabis.

Stop by Triangle Hemp Wellness in Raleigh for more information about edibles. We have a firm scientific and medically relevant grasp of how to use hemp. We can help guide you and give you a better understanding of how these hemp derived products may help you. Stop by or email us today with questions. 


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