Rosin vs. resin: What’s the difference?

Many confuse “rosin” and “resin” because the two terms sound so similar. Broadly speaking, resin is the sticky substance secreted by trichomes on marijuana plants. If you smoke enough flower in a pipe or bong, there will be a buildup of resin in it.

Resin can also be a type of concentrate extracted from cannabis or hemp through a solvent extraction method, involving chemicals such as butane, propane, and others, in a closed-loop extraction system. 

Rosin is solventless no chemicals used for extraction—it is extracted through heat and pressure. Both resin and rosin are made from dried cannabis/hemp material. 

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These extracts can be complicated further with the terms “live resin” and “live rosin”—the “live” simply means that frozen cannabis plants were used to produce them instead of dried flower. 

The process for making rosin is typically more labor-intensive and costly, so rosins tend to be more expensive than resins. Because rosins are solventless, they are thought to be cleaner because they don’t use chemicals. 

As resins require solvents and a closed-loop system, they should only be created by licensed professionals in a certified lab and only bought in a legal market that requires products be tested.

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Pressed from bubble hash made from freshly cut, uncured hemp comes live rosin, a golden sap packed with cannabinoids and a live terpene profile.

Health Benefits of Rosin 

Since rosin is extracted using zero solvents, it is much healthier to consume than those containing chemicals. The general public of all types can greatly benefit from rosin. It has high potency, is fast-acting, and is more flavorful. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly easier to buy. 

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  • 10 Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies 
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