Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid How do they differ?

If you're a smoker or enjoy edibles, you know that indica, sativa, and hybrid strains are all subsets of the cannabis family. Different varieties differ in their psychoactive effects, scents, flavors, appearance, bud characteristics, harvests, and other significant attributes. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know to recognize and select among these various type of cannabis strains.

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Originally from East Asia, cannabis sativa is currently cultivated in every continent. Its cannabinoid content makes it useful as a hallucinogen, pain reliever, sedative, and anti-inflammatory drug. Cannabis sativa induces a state of mind that is both relaxing and inspiring, known as a "head high."


Hemp indica is thought to have originated in the Hindu Kush highlands of Afghanistan. Conditions of cold and drought are ideal for its growth. The "body-high" effects of indica strains are well-known, and they include more ease of mind and less trouble sleeping.

Cannabis indica typically grows to a height of less than two meters and has a thicker stem and leaves than its sativa cousins.

In general, the leaves are a deep, dark green, though there have been reports of blue and even purple in a few instances. These leaves have leaf blades that are shorter and wider to reduce transpiration losses of water.

Compared to sativa strains, indica strains grow denser and bushier, taking on the appearance of miniature trees.If you're looking for privacy when cultivating outdoors, an indica strain is a great choice for a balcony or terrace. They are highly prized in cold climates and locations with regular fall rains because they are harvested in the month of September.


A hybrid strain is the result of crossing an indica-variety plant with a sativa-variety plant. It is commonly considered to be the best of both worlds due to the fact that a hybrid can either lean toward becoming dominant in one of the two categories or remain balanced down the middle. And depending on which two strains are used in the breeding process, the resulting offspring can frequently produce very distinct affects and experiences.

Flowers from hybrid cannabis plants may be more sativa or indica dominant due to their parent strains' genetic contributions. Hybrid cannabis strains are artificially cultivated plants that combine the best of cannabis ruderalis, sativa, and indica to create a more balanced euphoric experience.

Whether for effect, flavor, or simple curiosity, mixing different strains produces a wide range of flavors. Cannabis connoisseurs now have access to a wide variety of strains with cannabinoid profiles that were just not possible in nature before genetic hybridization.

Whether you smoke indica, hybrid or sativa, do you get high?

Most indica strains have less THC than sativa ones, but more CBD. Whereas cannabis of the indica kind tends to provide a more all-encompassing body high, the sativa variety tends to concentrate more of its psychoactive components in the brain. The potency of a marijuana strain is ultimately determined by the ratio of its cannabinoid to terpene content.

How do you know what to look for when trying to comprehend strain effects?

CBD and THC are the two most well-known cannabinoids in cannabis and understanding their effects will help you choose the right strain. Substances in this category can bind to their corresponding receptors in the brain and body, setting off a cascade of physiological and psychological responses. CBD, on the other hand, has therapeutic properties, whereas THC has psychoactive ones.

What type of cannabis has shown promise in helping reduce anxiety?

The use of cannabis for anxiety treatment was well regarded by many patients in a recent University of Washington study. Researchers found that while THC increased anxiety in large dosages, in low doses it significantly reduced the prevalence of anxiety disorders (THC-induced anxiety).

Anxiety can be alleviated thanks to the ability of low dosages of cannabis (THC 7.5 mg) to reduce unpleasant emotional responses. On the other hand, increased negative emotions and moods were observed at larger doses (THC 12.5 mg) (discomfort, stress, etc.).

Grandaddy Purp or GDP

Also referred to as GDP or Grandaddy Purp (Purple), this indica-dominant strain is considered one of the best when it comes to complete mental stimulation. Having a higher THC ratio gives it better power when it comes to whatever’s boggling with your mind.

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This cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle will never require you to do more research, especially when you’re dealing with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety!

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If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that can give you a state of euphoria, relaxation, and complete peace naturally, the GDP is the only product you’ll ever need out of the thousands of cannabis products you can buy.

Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid

These sativa-dominant hybrid strains such as Pineapple Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was developed by crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Though this strain gained notoriety in the media after the 2008 release of Pineapple Express, it is a genuine strain that can be purchased from dispensaries all across the country. Ever since then, this particular strain has been well regarded by the cannabis community at large. When you take Pineapple Express, you'll feel an immediate and enduring surge of energy.

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Pineapple Express is often the first choice for those seeking relief from anxiety, despair, pain, and weariness.

Terpene Profiles by Strain

Cannabis has hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes, and it's possible that there are yet more that haven't been discovered. In any case, it appears that there are some terpenes that are more prevalent than others. For a solid foundation, it is wise to familiarize oneself with the most well-known terpenes. In your search for the perfect strain of cannabis, you're sure to come across a wide variety of terpenes.

  • Limonene: This terpene smells like fresh citrus, which can give your flower a tangy sweetness. 
  • Myrcene is found in thyme, lemongrass, and mango, among other places. Myrcene smells like dirt. If you want a lot of this terpene, strains like Blue Dream are a good place to look.
  • Caryophyllene: This terpene is found in a lot of strains that smell spicy and woody, like cloves or pepper. In strains like Pineapple Express, it's one of the terpenes that stands out the most.
  • Terpinolene has the smell of sweet pine. Terpinolene is found in small amounts in many types of cannabis, but only rare strains like Dutch Treat have a lot of it.

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