Delta 8 THC Syrup: Should you try it?

What exactly is Delta-8 Syrup?

You've probably been enjoying delta-8 THC in the form of candies and tinctures, but are you interested in trying something different?

If so, you'll probably love delta-8 syrup. This new form of delta-8 product is every bit as delicious as it sounds like it would be. Continue reading to find out why D8 syrup is such a fascinating product.

D8 Syrup

Delta-8 THC 101

Delta-8 THC derived from legal hemp could be the cannabinoid that gets the most attention this year once again.


Because it gives people a rare chance to get that euphoric, relaxing chill feel high off of hemp derived cannabinoids. The delta-8 feeling is fun, mild, and easy to handle. Many people say it's like drinking a glass of wine or beer. Delta-8 is called "THC light" by experts, and for good reason.

Some of the other things that could be good about it are:

  • Appetite regulation
  • Lifting the mood
  • Pain alleviation

Delta-8 THC is amazing when titrated appropriately it can help your body and mind relax without making you feel overanxious or jittery.

Is delta-8 syrup even legal?

Is it even possible to get in trouble for consuming delta-8 syrup?

Hemp-derived Delta-8 THC syrup products is legal in most states by federal law as long as it contains less than 0.3 delta 9 THC. Some states conflict with the 2018 farm bill such as Rhode Island, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota and other states in the US. The industrial hemp laws and local laws are constantly changing and sometimes difficult to navigate.


The Delta-8 Syrup Simple User's Guide

Now that the fundamentals of delta-8 have been addressed, we can finally delve into the best use of these syrups.

To begin with, first define "delta-8 syrup." In fact, it is exactly what you'd expect from the name: a basic syrup infused with a large quantity of delta-8. Taking a hefty dose of D8 is now simple and even tasty, thanks to delta-8 syrup.

Just how does one consume delta-8 syrup?

It's also not hard to accomplish that. Add a serving to your favorite beverage, or just sip it straight!

D8 THC Syrup

Enjoy 420 Delta 9 Syrup

How to titrate slow when using delta-8 syrup for the first time?

Let's do some math to figure out the answer. About 20 milligrams of delta-8 are in most single servings of delta-8 syrup. People who are just starting out with D8 shouldn't take more than half of that... and might even want to go lower. First, you might want to try a quarter to a half of a "normal" serving.

From there, you can slowly move things up (or down). Be patient with yourself because it may take a little while for your body's endocannabinoid system to adjust to a new dose. Cannabis pharmacology experts call this process "titration," but you can just think of it as an easy way to figure out the best dose for you in real time.

Here are some more dose suggestions for delta-8 syrup:

  • Starter dose: 2-5 milligrams delta-8 THC (up to one-quarter of a serving)
  • Intermediate dose: 5-10 milligrams delta-8 THC (up to one-half of a serving)
  • Advanced dose: 10-15 mg delta-8 THC (up to three-quarters of a serving)
  • Ascended dose: 30+ milligrams delta-8 THC (1.5 or more servings) 

The effects of Delta-8 syrup are comparable to those of Delta-8 tinctures. Because they are absorbed through the mouth as well as the digestive tract, they behave in many respects like a substance that is administered sublingually. This kind of absorption results in effects that are more pleasant since they are "timed-released." Expect the effects of your syrup shot to persist for more than five hours once it has begun to take effect.

Delta 8 THC Concentrations of Syrups

Not everyone requires a high-dosage D8 supplement.

At Triangle Hemp Wellness, we offer D8 syrups ranging from 200mgs to 420mgs. We also have syrups including D8 and delta-9 THC, which are strong and phenomenal.

Triangle Hemp Wellness provides items of varying potencies and sizes, so you're likely to find something suitable.

Although not everyone requires a super-powerful combination delta 9/delta 8 weapon, it certainly doesn't hurt to have them available. We offer something for everyone... including the experienced cannabis enthusiast seeking an explosive experience!

Delta 9 THC

Delta 9 THC Syrup

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A comparison of Delta-8 and Delta-9 syrup

Compared to delta-9, even the most potent delta-8 product has a somewhat different euphoric feeling. Delta-8 peaks typically feel liberating and manageable. Unlike delta-9 highs, they don't seem to be overwhelming. That's why seasoned professionals refer to delta-8 as "THC lite." Almost always, these are how Delta-8 THC makes you feel:

  • Clarifying
  • Controlled
  • Gentle
  • Joyful

For the most part, while taking delta-9 THC, you may experience:

  • Intense
  • Wavelike
  • Sedating
  • Overpowering

Generally speaking, delta-8 THC is not nearly as psychoactive as delta-9 THC. We hope you get the idea: it's soothing without being overly so, energizing without being overpowering, etc. As it can interact with several endocannabinoid receptors, it effectively regulates itself.

Though some people favor delta-9's intense euphoria, the vast majority find that delta-8's subtle uplift is far more preferable. Even more so if they use a powerful delta-8 syrup.

What Effects Do Delta-8 and Delta-9 Have when combined?

Both of these cannabinoids are a kind of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, but there is one key distinction. Although D9 is somewhat more powerful, D8 has similar effects.

Delta 8 syrup

Delta 8 THC & Delta-9 Syrup

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They both act by binding to CB-1 receptors, the intoxicating cannabinoid receptor in the brain and central nervous system. Delta-8 has an advantage over Delta-9 because it can connect to CB2 receptors in the immune system and other body tissues.

As a result of these obstacles, combining the two might not be as enjoyable as we'd want, but we can't rule out the possibility of enhanced health advantages due to the lack of research in this area. In any case, competition between the two for the same receptor sites is bound to affect absorption of both.

Dosage, tolerance, body weight, and other biological parameters all play a role in the manifestation of effects. If, for instance, you take a lot more Delta-8-THC than Delta-9, the effects might be more subdued and the high might be felt more heavily in the body.

Consumers have a few different alternatives to pick from when it comes to the delta-8 syrup items that we sell here at Triangle Hemp Wellness. Our goods are not only of the highest quality, but they are also enjoyable, competitively priced, and simple to use.

You'll have to try delta-8 THC for yourself in order to fully understand what we mean. If you somehow missed the memo, we'd like to recommend delta-8 syrup as an excellent option for a product to purchase.




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