Sugar Live Resin Delta 8 THC + THCV Tripsters Gummies 3000mg - Triangle Hemp Wellness
Sugar Live Resin Delta 8 THC + THCV Tripsters Gummies 3000mg - Triangle Hemp Wellness

Sugar Live Resin Delta 8 THC + THCV Tripsters Gummies 3000mg

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Delta 8 THC + THCV Sugar Live Resin Tripsters Gummies is another powerful gummy in the Tripsters Gummy range! Each gummy includes 125mg Delta 8 THC and 25mg THCV, totaling 2500mg Delta 8 and 500mg THCV per jar.

There are two incredibly refreshing tastes to choose from: Cactus Kool and POG!

Trippy Sugar Delta-8 + THC-V Gummy Flavors

  • Cactus Kool – A Unique tasting flavor that will remind you of a childhood favorite.
  • POG – Pineapple, Orange, and Guava!

Product Info

  • Made by Trippy Sugar
  • Manufactured in California
  • Contains <.3% D9 THC
  • Complaint with section 10113 of 2018 Farm Bill

The Similarities and Differences of THCV and Delta 8 THC


  • Both are psychotropic substances (meaning they impact the brain).
  • Both are derived from the cannabis plant.
  • Both have the therapeutic potential to assist our bodies maintain homeostasis in very different and important ways.
  • Both help to minimize inflammation.


  • The Sativa cannabis plant is the only source of THCV.
  • Delta 8 can be derived from the cannabis or hemp plant.
  • Delta 8 has been claimed to alleviate anxiety, reduce inflammation and pain, and provide a euphoric 'high.'In tiny doses, THCV does not produce a 'high' sensation and, in fact, can counteract it when combined with THC.
  • THCV can aid in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Delta 8 is a more mental-state-focused medication that reduces anxiety and increases attentiveness.
  • THCV suppresses appetite.
  • Delta 9 stimulates the appetite.

The Advantages of Live Resin in Tripsters Gummies 

The advantages of live resin are similar to those of other cannabis products, yet it is unmistakably unique and special. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Potency: With live resin, less is more, and you'll feel the full effects with much less concentration ingested.
  • Full taste profile: typical concentrate procedures remove flavonoids and terpenes, but because the ultra-special live resin technique preserves them, you'll be able to appreciate every flavor, aroma, and benefit.
  • Medicinal properties: more potency means greater advantages for a lower cost. When utilized for therapeutic purposes such as pain, anxiety, nausea, sleeplessness, and so on, live resin can be extremely beneficial.

THCV vs. Delta 8 FAQs

What happens when you combine Delta 8 and THC-V?

While Delta 8 THC may produce a pleasant high and relaxation, THCV may bring mental clarity, productivity, and focus. When used combined, they may produce a 'super sativa' effect - mind and body relaxation. People that take THCV report that it helps them improve their mood and mental focus.

Does THCV Get You High?
THCV can get you high, but a substantial amount is required. Despite being psychoactive, it is not widely known for producing a 'high.' It is more known right now for its ability to reduce appetite and its tremendous promise for aiding in the cure of diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's. (In fact, when combined with THC, THCV has been demonstrated to diminish the experience of being "high.")

Is it possible to get 'high' on Delta 8?
Delta 8 is psychoactive, however it is known as Delta 9's "less intense younger cousin." In a nutshell, yes, but not as 'high' as Delta 9.

Why do you take Delta 8 instead of THCV?
It depends on the results you want to attain. If you have a condition that is causing you to lose your appetite, you should avoid taking THCV because it will only make things worse. Delta 8 will, on the other hand, increase your hunger. 

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