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Seventh Hill 6:1 Strawberry Bliss Caramels

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Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure like no other with Seventh Hill's tantalizing creation: the 3:1 Orange Cream Caramel! 

Since its debut, Seventh Hill's 6:1 Strawberry Bliss Caramel has been flying off the shelves, earning its rightful place as a beloved Bestseller!

Indulge in each meticulously crafted piece, infused with a delightful combination of 30mg of ∆9THC, 5mg of CBD, and the essence of organic, natural strawberry flavoring.

But remember, with great bliss comes great responsibility! These caramels have a potent kick, so keep them well out of the reach of little ones. Enjoy every bite responsibly and let the strawberry-infused euphoria sweep you away!

Product Description: 

  • Delicious strawberry flavoring
  • 1 Carmel 
  • Each Gummy Contains 30mg of Δ9THC, 5mg of CBD
  • All-Natural Ingredients + Flavors
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety


Organic Brown Sugar (Organic Sugar, Organic Cane Sugar), Organic Butter (Pasteurized Organic Sweet Cream), Organic Corn Syrup (High Fructose Corn Syrup), Hemp Derived Extract, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Vanilla (Water, Organic Alcohol), Cream of Tartar, Organic Salt, Organic Orange Cream Flavor (Organic Cane Alcohol)

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