NYSW Banana Pancake Blunt – THCA 2 Pack
NYSW Banana Pancake Blunt – THCA 2 Pack

NYSW Banana Pancake Blunt – THCA 2 Pack

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About The Strain: Banana Pancake

Say hello to Banana Pancake, a delightful Hybrid born from the tasty union of "Apples and Bananas" and "Pancake" strains. This blunt serves up a sweet taste that will remind you of maple bars or freshly baked banana bread. Caryophyllene is the star terpene in Banana Pancake, with linalool and limonene tagging along to enhance the experience.

  • Hybrid
  • Sweet
  • Chillin & Cruisin
  • Β 2 x 1.5 gram 1 pre-rolled blunts in each pack
  • 100 % THCA flower
  • Non-nicotine & Non-Tobacco Blunt Wraps
  • Resealable Pouch

At Not Ya Sons Weed, they prioritize transparency and quality. That's why every Banana Pancake blunt is packed with 100% THCA flower, ensuring you get all the amazing benefits and effects. Plus, each pack includes two 1.5 gram blunts in a handy resealable pouch for your convenience.

About Our Blunt Wraps

Our blunts at Not Ya Sons Weed are crafted without nicotine or tobacco, offering the classic blunt flavor minus the negatives. Our wraps are infused with subtle notes of mate, chamomile, and cacao, delivering a delicious flavor while burning slow and smooth.

What is THCA?

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is a star cannabinoid straight from the hemp plant. Unlike some of its cannabinoid cousins, THCA doesn't cause a psychotropic effect until it's heated. This transformation, known as decarboxylation or "decarbing," converts THCA into THC, which is what gives marijuana its famous high.


As the cannabis world evolves, THCA flower is making waves among enthusiasts looking for a potent, flavorful experience. This unique cannabinoid is gaining popularity, offering a fresh way to explore the full spectrum of cannabinoids and their effects. Beyond THC and CBD, THCA is appealing to wellness buffs and medical users due to its potential health benefits.Β 

Strains rich in THCA, like Berries & Cream, provide a nuanced cannabis experience that users are loving. Its reputation is on the rise, making it a cornerstone in the future of cannabis. Plus, in states where recreational THC isn't legal yet, THCA is becoming a popular choice.

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