CBD Dosing Guide

The 70-Year Ban On Hemp has been lifted, and some Doctors Are Calling Hemp-Derived CBD "One of Modern Medicine's Most Important Discoveries."

Scientific studies from around the world have shown CBD may help with treating arthritis, chronic pain, joint aches, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, insomnia and a slew of other common ailments.

The amazing thing is it does all this naturally. People are hoping this means less prescriptions and less addictive and deadly opioids.

When determining CBD dosage certain factors come in to play as the dosage depends on your physiology, symptoms, and your desired effects. along with these factors it is also important to understand the different ways that CBD products can be taken. Physiology and the method of using CBD products, directly affects the way that CBD will respond to your body. 


We are the only hemp dispensary in Raleigh that is certified by the International Center for Cannibinoid Therapy, and have a deep understanding of how to employ the great benefits of hemp with various health conditions. If you have any questions at all about this dosing guide or what product might be best for your condition, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

First let's talk about the different ways that CBD can taken:

  • Sublingually: CBD oil tinctures- Place under tongue to increase the CBD potency because it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Orally: Edibles, capsules, CBD oil- Can be eaten or swallowed
  • Topically: Salves, balms, creams, etc.- Applied directly to the skin for targeted relief
  • Vaporized/smoked: Vape pen- Heated and inhaled typically through a vaporizer. Hemp Flower can also be ground up and smoked through either a pipe, water pipe, or natural hemp rolling papers.

A question that is often asked is “How do I calculate the best CBD dosage for pain relief using my oil?”

Here is an effective way to understand and calculate the CBD dosage for pain using oil.

Divide the strength of the CBD by the size of the bottle. The answer gives you an amount of CBD per dropper.

Divide the amount of CBD in the dropper by 20. The answer gives you the amount of CBD in each drop.

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate strengths of the three strengths we offer: 
500 mg/ 30 ml 
Divide 500 by 30, and you find there’s 16.66 mg per dropper. 
Divide 16.66 by 20, and there’s .83 mg. per drop.

1000/ 30 ml 
Divide 1000 by 30 which equals 33.33 mg. per dropper. 
Divide 33.33 by 20 equaling 1.66 mg. per drop

2000/ 30 ml 
Divide 2000 by 30 which equals 66.66 mg. per dropper. 
Divide 66.66 by 20 equaling 3.33 mg. per drop

Now I’m going to state the obvious. If you need high doses of CBD to get relief, you can see the benefit in using a stronger product.

How Do I Find My Dose? 
Even though values are not set, there’s a simple way to determine the point where you begin to feel relief.

It’s simple but not easy, as it requires follow through. You can find for yourself what works best for you. This is where understanding and utilizing titration can help.

Titration in simple terms means taking small incremental doses of a substance to learn how much is the least amount needed to meet your need.

How Can Titration Help Me? 
Titration is incrementally increasing your dose over time to see where you feel the most benefit.

It’s helpful because once you find that ‘sweet spot’ you know you’re not wasting your money by taking too much or too little. How much you ultimately need depends on your age, weight, the severity of your issue and body’s absorption rate, which varies for everyone.

Dosage for Pain 
There is nothing sweeter than relief from pain, chronic or acute. Taking CBD tincture under your tongue and holding it there for 60 seconds sends the molecule directly into your bloodstream.

With the correct dose, you’ll feel relief within 45 minutes to an hour, maybe sooner. 
If you have pain on a regular basis, you may want to supplement with CBD daily.

Using titration as mentioned above and the chart below, start at the lowest amount, add .05 – 5 mg every fourth day and stop increasing when the pain subsides. Your body will build up a tolerance over time so you may have to add more later.

Here is a useful chart that can determine the amount of CBD needed to help with pain relief. The condition range is your pain level listed 1-5.