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Ikonik THCP + D8 Gummies | (10ct) 4000mg

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Each gummy bursts with a powerful punch of 400mg delta 8 THC and THCp, catapulting you into an exhilarating euphoria that's as intense as it is blissful.

Product Information

  • 10 Gummies Per Bag
  • Vegan-Friendly and Delicious
  • 400mg Per Gummy
  • 4000mg Total Per Bag
  • Potent Blend of D8 + THC-P
  • Indulge in Fruity Delight
  • Experience the Power of THCP and D8
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant Containing Less Than .3% Delta-9

Order the Ikonik 8000mg/20 count here.

When you need to escape the outside world and dive into psychoactive bliss, nothing compares to ultra-potent cannabinoid gummies. Ikonik Gummies deliver just that and more, boasting an impressive 400mg of delta 8 THC + THCp per gummy, all packed into a 10-count bag. Remember, the suggested dose is just half a gummy, already intensely powerful (depending on your tolerance). Delta 8, the milder cousin of delta 9 THC, offers a clear-minded, relaxing high, while THCp, which is 10 times stronger than delta 9, introduces waves of powerful euphoria. Together, these cannabinoids create an unstoppable duo, delivering a dreamy high that lasts for hours.

These gummies are entirely vegan, crafted without gelatin or any animal derivatives, and feature natural ingredients that are gentle on your system. The Fruity Mix offers a delightful assortment of guava, peach, lemon drop, and mango punch flavors, ensuring your taste buds are thoroughly satisfied and enticed with every bite.

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