The Demon Delta 8 2000 MG Gummies - Triangle Hemp Wellness
The Demon Delta 8 2000 MG Gummies - Triangle Hemp Wellness

The Demon Delta 8 2000 MG Gummies

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Think you can handle the supernatural high of the Demon Delta 8 THC Gummies? These wickedly powerful edibles pack a devilish punch with 200 MG of Delta 8 THC in each gummy for an extreme 2000 MG total in every 10-pack.

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Product Description:

  • 200mg per gummie
  • 10 ct/2000mg per pack 
  • Distillate Delta 8 THC
  • Lab tested

Not only are the Demon Delta 8 Gummies devilishly potent, but they come in the iconic shape of a cannabis leaf. The distinctive five-point leaf shape makes these edibles easily recognizable and adds an element of fun and whimsy. Each powerful 200 MG gummy is molded into the leaf shape, providing an extra touch of novelty along with the supernatural high.

The cannabis leaf shaping pays homage to the plant origins of Delta 8 THC and gives the gummies visual appeal. So not only will the out-of-this-world high have you feeling witchy, the cannabis leaf shapes will put a spell on you too!

Don't let the sweet and sour sugar coating fool you - these little demons provide a potent, mind-altering high like no other edible. The premium Delta 8 THC distillate infused in each mighty gummy delivers an out-of-this-world euphoric experience, transporting you to new dimensions of relaxation and creativity.

The high 200 MG dose makes the Demon Delta 8 Gummies one of the strongest Delta 8 edibles on the market. Just one gummy contains enough Delta 8 THC to provide hours of calming body effects and an intense cerebral lift.

Made from legal hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, these gummies offer a clear-headed, feel-good high without sluggish side effects. The mouthwatering flavors almost make you forget the supernatural strength hiding within each gummy.

With an otherworldly 4.7/5 star customer rating, reviewers say the Demon Delta 8 Gummies provide a powerful high that needs to be tried to be believed. Be the first among your friends to try these paranormal edibles today - if you dare. The mind-bending experience will have you believing in the magic of the Demon's wickedly strong formula.

Product Ingredients

Sugar, Water, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavorings, NC Grown Hemp-Derived D8 Oil

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