Tips For Buying CBD Products

As CBD becomes more popular and a larger part of the health industry the demand for product grows finding a creditable and reliable source for a high quality product becomes extremely important.

As more and more Americans are turning to CBD for its possible health benefits its important for the public to understand and be aware of the many different products on the market and that quality can vary. 

Here are   10 important tips to help you choose a reliable CBD brand and high-quality CBD products:

1. Industrial Hemp

When browsing the internet for CBD products, one of the most common terms you will come across is “industrial hemp.” But what is industrial hemp? Within the CBD industry, industrial hemp often refers to hemp grown in the United States under federal and state regulations making it completely legal and safe for consumption. Industrial hemp is rich in CBD and is not psychoactive as it contains no more than 0.03% THC, the chemical responsible for the hallucinogenic effects of cannabis. CBD products made with extracts obtained from other varieties of cannabis like marijuana may produce unwanted side effects, not to mention they may land you in legal trouble.

2. CO2 Extraction

For the best CBD products, it is crucial that you find a brand that obtains their CBD extracts using supercritical CO2 extraction. This CO2 extraction method is widely regarded as the most effective method to obtain high-quality CBD from hemp. In its supercritical state, CO2 acts as an extremely efficient solvent capable of extracting CBD in its purest form leaving behind unwanted chemicals, metals, and other substances.

3. Pharmacist Formulated

The overall quality of CBD products depends not only on the quality of CBD extracts but also on the way each product is formulated. The best CBD products are formulated by licensed pharmacists to maximize the benefits of CBD and other supplements in each product. Pharmacist formulated CBD formulas are generally much safer and more effective than products made with no input from pharmacists and other experts.

4. Independent Lab Tests

Having CBD formulas tested by independent third-party labs is an important sign that a company offers high-quality products. Any company can claim to have the best CBD products on the market, but only third-party lab tests can verify that what is in their formulas is congruent with their claims.

5. Transparency

Reliable CBD brands are transparent about their extraction and manufacturing processes. Additionally, they provide comprehensive information about their products including a list of ingredients and other essential product facts. This information can usually be found on product labels or in product descriptions on their website

6. Brand Information

In addition to specific product information, look for companies that offer information about their brand and their mission. This information can often be found in their “About Me” and “FAQ” sections.

7. Educational Resources

This is an important factor that ties into the previous two points. CBD is a relatively new industry so providing users with accurate and informative educational resources shows that a brand is committed to building a relationship with their customers. Educational resources include weekly blogs, infographics, FAQs, and even social media posts.

8. Competitive (not cheap) Prices

CBD extraction and manufacturing are not inexpensive processes which are why the best CBD products are generally a bit more expensive than average over the counter medications. If a company offers CBD products that are significantly cheaper than the rest, consider that a red flag. CBD products that are suspiciously low-cost often contain insignificant amounts of CBD or low-quality extracts that offer no real health benefits.

9. Customer Support

Find a CBD company with a functioning and friendly customer service team. If you cannot reach a company for questions or any other concerns regarding their products, move on to the next brand.

10. Real Reviews

Ultimately, what makes or breaks a brand is their customer satisfaction. There is no better way to find out if their customer base is satisfied than through reviews and other forms of online interaction. Browse through a company’s site and social pages for customer reviews and comments detailing their individual experience with specific CBD products.

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