Mushroom Chocolate Bar- The Next Generation of of Edibles

Dark chocolate bars are one of the few foods that may ignite an emotional response. Chocolate, with its dense, rich, and velvety texture, has permanently marked the course of human history. Popular mushrooms, such as reishi, cordyceps, and lion's mane have all found their place in chocolates in the past few years.

Functional mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, and magic mushrooms are some of the most unique combinations of medical mushrooms gaining popularity as well. if you are curious about the mystical transformation that takes place when you mix some of these mushrooms with chocolate then read on.

Today, mushroom chocolate is trending like never before. The new works edge toward both legal and unlawful practices. The rising popularity of both reflects a trend that was initially sparked by cannabis edibles, which is that beneficial results are achieved when plant medicine is provided in the form of a delectable treat.

Mushroom Extract Chocolate Bars – Elevated

A chocolate bar with a delectable mushroom flavor. Both lawful and psychedelic. Milk chocolate with salted caramel and white chocolate with strawberry cheesecake are the two flavors that you can choose from. Enjoy yourselves!

mushroom chocolate


Discover Amanita Muscaria

The spooky legends surrounding Amanita mushrooms are just as mind-bending as the drugs they're based on. Since the pharmacology of Amanita muscaria is so complicated and little understood, it is not surprising that the mushroom is loaded with alkaloids. Muscimol, muscarine, and muscazone are the most important alkaloids. Ibotenic acid is another. The effects of Amanita muscaria are distinct from those of standard psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, DMT, and mescaline.

The Effect of combining Amanita muscaria with chocolate

The nature of the effects can be varied, also depending on the dose, as well as the variety, and personal variances. This is because mushrooms come in a wide variety of forms. The Amanita Muscaria is a well-known mushroom that is also quite dangerous.

Possible outcomes are:

In this first stage, you'll experience stimulation, high levels of energy, and robust muscle tone.

Relaxation and calmness characterize the second stage.

There is a third stage when the psychedelic effects kick in and you can have some out-of-body experiences, insights into the supernatural or trippy feelings.

What are Amanita muscaria mushrooms?

The Amanita muscaria mushroom belongs to the order of Agaricales and can be found growing in a wide variety of environments throughout the temperate and boreal zones of the Northern Hemisphere. It can be found growing at low elevations as well as in high mountainous regions, particularly in coniferous forests like fir and black pine, as well as beech and birch woodlands. It manifests itself typically toward the end of summer, although fall is the season in which it is most noticeable. The red color of the cap, which is covered with white dots, as well as the white stem, are the most recognizable aspects of its look.

Amanita muscaria contains:

Muscimol, a potent and selective orthosteric agonist for the GABAA receptors displays sedative-hypnotic, depressant, and hallucinogenic psychoactivity.

Ibotenic Acid is an analog of the neurotransmitter glutamate, which acts as a non-selective glutamate receptor agonist, and which decarboxylates into muscimol with heat and in vivo.

Muscarine mimics the function of the natural neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the muscarinic part of the cholinergic nervous system.

The History of Amanita muscaria

The psychedelic Amanita muscaria has been utilized from prehistoric times on every continent, as evidenced by cave paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures. The Sami of Lapland use amanita extracts to get drunk and experience visions, while shamans in Mexico use smoked amanita caps to unwind and rid the space of negative energy. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved Amanita muscaria extract for use in food and drink as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Why Amanita instead of other psychedelics?

Fly Agaric...

Doesn't make you physically or mentally dependent on it

Doesn't have the same bad reputation as most other psychedelics

It grows naturally, so it's easy to get.

Is legal in most countries, including the US

Is natural, so there isn't much chance that it has been cut with other drugs.

Has been used for hundreds of years and seems safe if taken the right way.

The Duration of the Effects of the Amanita muscaria

Time to onset = 30 to 120 minutes

Ascend = 30-60 minutes

During its peak, between 1-2 hours

The Descent: Three to Five Hours

  • The psychedelic effects should start to kick in approximately 40 minutes.
  • Around the two-hour mark, you'll feel the full effect.
  • A typical journey takes between five and ten hours.
  • The duration of your trip could be increased with heroic doses (up to 20 hours in rare cases)
  • It may take longer for the drug to take effect if you eat before you take it.





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