How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in System?

Wondering if that delta-9 gummy will cause you to fail an upcoming drug test? Worried about how many days delta-9 THC stays in your system? This article explains the duration of delta-9 THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana, detectable in the body following cannabis consumption. 

We will discuss how different factors can impact drug test results. Factors affecting drug test results include cannabis use amount, frequency, genetics, and test type. Keep reading to learn how many days cannabis products with delta-9 THC stay in your system and how to pass a drug test.

How Long Does Delta 9 THC Stays in Your Body

Delta-9 THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound in cannabis that makes you feel "high." The typical timeframe that delta-9 THC can be detected in your body is:

Blood tests can detect Delta-9 THC in your bloodstream for about 15 days after you stop using cannabis. Blood tests find recent or current THC use.  

- Saliva Tests: 25 days - Saliva drug tests can detect single or infrequent delta-9 cannabis use for an average of 25 days. Saliva tests find recent use.

How long does delta 9 stay in system?

Urine tests can detect THC in your body for up to 30 days after using cannabis. The test looks for byproducts produced when the body breaks down THC. The detection time may vary based on factors like the amount of THC consumed. Urine tests detect historic or past THC use rather than current impairment or intoxication levels.

How Long Does Delta-9 Stay in Your System?

Wondering if those delta 9 gummies you took will show up on an upcoming drug test and cause you to fail? The length of time cannabis edibles like delta-9 gummies remain in your system depends on individual factors. However, it takes approximately one month for most delta-9 THC metabolites to fully clear detection windows.

A urine drug test can detect delta-9 THC metabolites for 30+ days after you stop using cannabis. Keep this lengthy detection period in mind if you have a drug screening approaching and want the delta-9 to fully exit your system faster without detection.

What Impacts How Long Delta-9 THC Stays Detectable

Why does the time it takes for delta-9 THC to be detectable vary greatly to show up on a drug test? It can range from a few hours to more than a month. This difference occurs among different cannabis users after they stop using it. Key influences like genetics, how often you use cannabis, and dose size impact the results. 

Dose Size & Frequency of Use  

Frequent, heavy delta-9 THC consumers likely retain THC metabolites in their bodies longer than occasional, light cannabis users. Consuming high-dose delta-9 products versus low THC choices extends the length of time you will continue testing positive on drug tests.

User’s Body Composition

Your metabolism and percentage of body fat also control how quickly your body can eliminate THC and THC metabolites. People with fast metabolisms and lower body fat percentages clear out THC faster, while slow metabolisms and high body fat allow longer storage of THC in fat cells.  

Detect THC Metabolites - Test Detection Limits

The method of drug testing used determines if THC in your system will be detected as positive or negative. This is based on the detection thresholds and sensitivity cutoffs.

While hair tests can reveal delta-9 use from months to years prior, saliva tests usually only detect use from the past few hours up to around one day. Know the detection limits for whatever type of upcoming drug test you have. 

How long does 9 stay in system?

User’s Age

Younger cannabis consumers who frequently use THC tend retain THC metabolites for shorter periods in their fat cells compared to older frequent marijuana users. Still, age is a minor factor relative to how much, how frequently someone consumes cannabis, and the potency of the products used.

How to Speed Up Removal of THC From Your Body

Need to figure out how to pass an upcoming 30-day urine drug test? While it’s impossible to instantly flush all THC metabolites out of your system, cannabis users can take proactive steps to help quicken the elimination process including:

1. Stop using all forms of delta-9 THC intake including vapes, edibles, smoking, etc. 

2. Drinking extra fluids daily like water and cranberry juice

3. Eating more fatty foods to encourage metabolite storage into fat cells 

4. Exercising frequently to increase calorie burn and metabolism of fat cells containing THC

5. Take hot baths or visit a sauna to sweat out toxins

6. Consider taking THC detox supplements to aid the purification process

The tips above can help speed up cleansing THC and its metabolites from your body faster, but time remains the most critical factor for reducing detection windows back to zero. Making lifestyle changes quickly after last delta-9 dose gives you the best chance to detox before an upcoming drug test.

Beating Urine, Blood, Saliva, Hair, and Other Drug Tests

Need to pass any type of drug test - urine, saliva, blood, hair follicle, or other test - after taking delta-9 THC? The cutoff level that triggers a fail result differs by the sensitivity of each type of test. However, cannabis consumers should stop all THC use at least one month before a drug screening for the safest passing results. 

delta 9 thc drug test

Additionally, some users invest in THC detox programs or adulterants to try and beat screening tests. However, most labs now test for tampering, and the efficacy of many detox methods remains questionable regarding completely resetting detection windows to zero.

The most reliable way to pass any test after taking delta-9 products is allowing enough time for your body’s metabolism to fully eliminate THC metabolites based on average elimination rates. Consider taking an at-home urine, saliva, or blood screen first to gauge your status before the actual test. Talk to your doctor for personalized advice on speeding up elimination times.  

Bottom Line – How Many Days Does Delta-9 THC Stay in Your System

To summarize, most delta-9 THC metabolites take about 30 days to fully leave the body to levels undetectable on even the most sensitive urine drug tests. However, the timeline before cannabis use is no longer detectable differs by test type:

- Oral fluid tests: Hours up to 1.5 days 

- Blood tests: Around 3 days  

- Urine tests: Up to 30+ days  

- Hair tests: 90+ days

However, heavy chronic cannabis consumers using high potency delta-9 weed concentrates likely take longer than average to fully reset detection windows.

The type of cannabis product used - vapes, edibles, traditional flower - also impacts outcomes due to differing potencies and effect on the body.

Additionally, products ingested orally like capsules, beverages, tinctures may have longer detectable timelines than smoking since THC undergoes extra processing by the digestive system and liver. 

While an exact universal detection timeframe doesn’t exist due to influencing factors, waiting at least 30 days of zero delta-9 THC intake before any drug tests virtually guarantees you will pass clearance testing. Consider taking at-home urine, blood or saliva detox tests first for added assurance before the actual exam.

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