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Hemp flower CBD cigarettes are cigarettes made with CBD flower from the hemp plant rather than tobacco or marijuana and shaped like cigarettes. Hemp cigarettes have a low THC concentration of less than 0.3% and a high natural CBD content.

Importantly, CBD cigarettes don't contain nicotine like tobacco cigarettes do. Since CBD cigarettes are only created from hemp flower with less than 0.3% THC, they are legal in the US.

The best approach to embark on a new journey and try hemp products is with CBD cigarettes. We have an exciting and exhilarating smoking experience you'll adore without addictive, intoxicating, or unnatural ingredients, no matter what type of person you are – a new smoker, seasoned veteran, frequent bar flier, or just an all-around party animal that cares about their lungs!

In the US, smoking hemp cigarettes is completely legal and offers a novel smoking experience that gives all the advantages of CBD flower.

What is in a Hemp Cigarette?

CBD cigarettes contain less than 0.3% THC, so unlike marijuana, they won't make you feel "high" or drunk. They look and pull like a traditional cigarette.

One of the biggest advantages of using CBD flower instead of tobacco cigarettes or cannabis is that it doesn't contain any nicotine or other dangerous chemicals found in regular cigarettes, and it only contains less than 0.3% THC. It was designed to give smokers the same smoking ritual and flavor they are used to, without any tobacco or nicotine with still feeling the effects of hemp.

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Although there is a distinction between CBD and Hemp oil, there isn't much of one between CBD cigarettes and hemp cigarettes. CBD, which is present in CBD cigarettes, is present in hemp. However, there are some distinctions between hemp and cannabis cigarettes.

In contrast to its cannabis-based sibling, hemp cigarettes stand out most for their THC concentration. Hemp naturally contains more CBD than THC. This means that hemp cigarettes, provide you with all the benefits of CBD without giving you the THC-induced high.

The nicotine concentration of cannabis and hemp cigarettes is another distinction. The majority of cannabis cigarettes also contain tobacco. They have a sizable amount of nicotine in them.

Contrarily, hemp cigarettes don't contain any tobacco. Therefore, CBD hemp cigarettes are a great choice if you're of legal smoking age.


Given the high concentration of CBD found in each cigarette, many people prefer the smoking experience provided by hemp products (besides, the fact that it is legal helps!). These CBD products and hemp smoke products have gained popularity in the past few years.

High-quality hemp flower infused with CBD has seen tremendous growth in popularity since the Farm Bill's passage in 2018 in the United States.

Even though there are several options for these days that contain CBD, smokable hemp flower is very well-liked because it releases the advantages quickly. Although CBD oil can be vaped, many individuals prefer to smoke CBD flower through our pre-rolled hemp cigarettes as a more exciting, daring option.

Can Hemp Cigarettes aid in your nicotine withdrawal?

There are several anecdotal reports of smokers using CBD oil and tobacco-free hemp cigarettes to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting tobacco.

According to a recent study, smokers who used an inhaler containing CBD for a week cut back on their cigarette consumption by 40% compared to those who used a placebo.

That's a big decrease, and it's especially encouraging given that CBD has a positive safety profile and little side effects.

Of course, more studies are required to validate these results, but preliminary data suggests that CBD oil may be an effective aid for smokers trying to give up.

The quickest, most effective way to benefit from CBD is to smoke hemp flower. You might even be able to stop smoking ordinary cigarettes thanks to some of these advantages.

CBD is quickly dispersed throughout the body when it is smoked as hemp flower because it is immediately absorbed by the receptors in the lungs. Instead of waiting for CBD to metabolize after using edibles or lotions, this may be an excellent strategy to get the desired outcomes sooner.


One of the best ways to absorb hemp flower is through smoking. It's also among the most popular methods of obtaining CBD, and there's a good reason for it.

Due of its high bioavailability rate, this is the case. When you smoke a CBD cigarette, your body absorbs the CBD right away. As a result, smoking hemp flower will let you experience its benefits far more quickly than eating an edible would. Depending on the amounts of CBD in the cigarettes could determine the effects of CBD.

However, the strength of the CBD cigarettes (the quantity of hemp flower included in addition to the CBD dose) and the rate of your metabolism will determine how they will affect you. To determine the dosage you need, we advise smoking one CBD cigarette at a time.


Our HEMP cigarettes at Triangle Hemp Wellness are nicotine-free. They are therefore the ideal choice for those who want to have an exhilarating smoking experience without being addicted to nicotine.

These hemp products allow our consumers to enjoy all the novelty of a cigarette without any of the nicotine's addictive properties. Additionally, each cigarette comes with a high-quality dose of CBD hemp flower, so you can relax.

Hemp vs. tobacco cigarettes

You can enjoy the ritual of smoking a cigarette without being exposed to tobacco's toxins and nicotine addiction if you use CBD cigarettes as a tobacco substitute.

 In light of this, smoking CBD cigarettes as an alternative can make sense to enhance your wellness.

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Therefore, if you want to try something new or simply enjoy smoking Hemp cigarettes occasionally, our products will provide you with the results you've been seeking. We guarantee that neither the quality nor the flavor will leave you unsatisfied.

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