Difference between blunt and joint

When it comes to smoking cannabis, two of the most common methods are smoking blunts or joints. But what exactly is the difference, and which is better? This article will compare, and contrast blunts and joints so you can decide which option may be best for you.

What is a Blunt?

Tobacco Wrapped Weed

A blunt is cannabis rolled inside an emptied cigar wrapper, which is usually made of tobacco leaf. This allows the ground cannabis to burn slower than if rolled in traditional rolling papers. The key advantage of blunts is that the tobacco leaf blunt wrap enables the cannabis joint to burn steadily at an even pace.

What Defines a Joint? 

Simply Weed and Paper

A joint, on the other hand, contains cannabis rolled inside thin rolling papers. Unlike blunts, joints do not include the thick tobacco wrap. The rolling papers enable the ground cannabis to be neatly rolled and smoked. Joints tend to burn faster than blunts, but some argue they offer better flavor from the cannabis without tobacco influences.

Comparing Smoking Experiences

Smooth or Harsh Hits

When smoking a blunt, the tobacco wrap gives a thicker, smoother hit. The flavor also combines cannabis and tobacco for a unique experience.

However, some may find this harsh or unpleasant if they do not enjoy tobacco. Joints deliver crisper hits that primarily taste like cannabis. The hits may feel slightly more abrasive without the tobacco wrap, but the purer flavor can be desirable too.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Blunts           vs.         Joints

Slower burn       Faster burn  

Tobacco & weed   Just weed  

Smoother hits      Harsher feeling hits            

Distinct flavor     Purer cannabis taste  

More nicotine     No tobacco  

Custom wraps     Pre-rolled papers

Easier to roll     Smaller and more portable

As shown, there are good reasons why someone may prefer smoking either a blunt or joint. Blunts offer a slower burn and mellow hits with the tobacco wrap, while joints provide purer cannabis taste and experience.

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Rolling Your Own Quality Blunts and Joints

Now that you understand the key differences in blunts vs joints, let’s go over some tips for rolling your own. These instructions can help guide you as a beginner so you can perfect your blunt or joint rolling skills over time.

Roll a Blunt

1. Choose a fresh, moist cigar wrap. Unwrap the cigar paper slowly to avoid ripping.

2. Empty the cigar tobacco until the wrap is clear. Be careful not to tear the leaf. 

3. Grind up fresh cannabis buds to preference. 

4. Spread the ground cannabis in an even line down the empty cigar wrap. Roll slowly by tucking the wrap over the weed, applying light pressure as you move. Seal the edge with extra cigar wrap moisture or saliva.

5. Make sure the blunt is evenly and tightly rolled without gaps or holes. Enjoy!

Roll a Joint

1. Select a desired brand of rolling papers. Lean papers can be easier for novices. 

2. Spread ground cannabis buds in the paper, angled to funnel into a rounded cone shape. 

3. Roll the paper at an angle between your thumbs and pointer fingers. Apply light pressure to shape.

4. Seal down the entire edge of the paper with your tongue to prevent loose openings.  

5. Add a tip for structural support and to easily smoke without damaging the joint.

6. Lightly pack down bud. Now simply light up tip-first when ready to smoke your freshly rolled joint!

Which is Better for You?

At the end of the day, it's a personal choice of how one may consume cannabis, whether smoking blunts or joints is preferable for your individual needs and interests. Consider factors like flavor, smoke smoothness, nicotine exposure, and more when deciding what's best for you and your lifestyle.

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