Delta 9 Live Rosin Gummies

Hemp derived delta-9 thc Live Rosin is considered to be the purest form of concentrate. No artificial colors, flavors, or solvents. Just a thick golden sap extracted from bubble hash, which can only be made with raw, unprocessed hemp of the best possible quality.

WHAT Exactly Is Live Rosin?

"Live" rosin, in contrast to other cannabis rosin products, has a higher concentration of terpenes, which contributes to a more distinctive experience. The method of extraction is what differentiates live rosin from cured rosin, also known as flower rosin.


HOW is it that live rosin is produced?

When bubble hash of the highest quality is subjected to low heat and pressure during the extraction process, the resulting live rosin is produced. They are able to immediately extract a powerful resinous sap from the hash by utilizing this method. This sticky, viscous oil can be extracted from the plant matter in its natural state, without the need for any additional cleaning or the elimination of any chemicals. Because it captures the live terpene profile of the cannabis plant, the finished product is even more flavorful and pure than regular rosin.

Rosin Production - How is Rosin Delta 9 thc Gummies Made? 

Due to the high cost and difficulty in producing it, live rosin is a usually a bit pricier when compared to a distillate. First, the leaves of the cannabis plant are sorted out and discarded if they are not trichome-rich. Once the plant buds have been harvested, they are vacuum sealed in plastic sleeves and placed in the freezer.

Live rosin preserves the hemp flowers' natural oils and moisture by flash-freezing them immediately after harvest, as opposed to drying and curing them later.

The third and final stage of the process is bubble hash production, which involves further processing of the frozen cannabis buds to create a fresh-frozen concentrate. At last, the extract of live rosin is made by pressing and heating the concentrate.

In what ways are Delta 9 THC Live Rosin Gummies beneficial to consumers?

Relaxation, an improvement in mood, an increase in appetite, and relief from pain are just some of the potential benefits of consuming Live Rosin Gummies. Gummies, for some users, are also helpful in terms of getting a better night's sleep. Consuming cannabis in the form of live rosin gummies is an excellent alternative to smoking hemp products.

Additionally, taking cannabis on the go with gummies is an easy and convenient option. They are simple to transport and do not necessitate the use of any specialized apparatus in order to be consumed. Consuming gummies does not result in the production of any odor, making them another stealthy method of administration.

Hometown Hero Live Rosin Gummies Delta 9 THC

Hometown Hero's Live Rosin gummies are the best you can buy. Rosin extracted from fresh, uncured hemp is known as "live rosin," and it contains terpenes in the form of a golden sap. The result is a full or "live" terpene profile. Terpenes add flavor and work well with the Delta-9 found in hemp to create a synergistic effect.

Delta-9 is legal in all 50 states when it is derived from hemp and the concentration is less than 0.3% by dry weight. In spite of the 25mg dosage.

Gelato / Hybrid
  • For bright, uplifting relaxation
  • Earthy yet mellow with fruity undertones
  • 10x Gelato Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per gummy
  • 5mg of live rosin per gummy
  • Vegan and gluten-free

HTH Live Rosin

Northern Lights / Indica

  • For deep, full-body relaxation
  • Sweet pine with spicy hints of pepper
  • 10x Northern Lights Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per gummy
  • 5mg of live rosin per gummy
  • Vegan and gluten-free

HTH Live Rosin

Blueberry Grand Daddy Purple / Indica

  • Steller indica relaxation of Grand Daddy Purple
  • Natural berry flavor for a gentle, juicy, floral sweetness
  • 10x Blueberry Grand Daddy Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per gummy
  • 4mg live rosin per gummy
  • Vegan and gluten-free

Hometown Hero Rosin

Blue Dream / Sativa

  • For creativity, euphoria, and a sense of well-being
  • Fruity fragrance and west coast sativa-dominant properties
  • 10x Blue Dream Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per gummy
  • 5mg of live rosin per gummy
  • Vegan and gluten-free

HTH live rosin gummies

Blood Orange / Sativa

  • Mellow Dutch sativa boost of Super Silver Haze (brings upon an intoxicating, long-lasting body high, it manages to keep the mind sharp, focused, and energized, in addition to bringing about both creative and introspective perspectives)
  • Gentle orange flavor with a tangy kick
  • 10x Blood Orange Super Silver Haze Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per gummy
  • 4mg live rosin per gummy
  • Vegan and gluten-free

HTH live rosin gummies




Consult a physician before using this product.

Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions.

Must be 21 years or older to purchase or use.

Delta 9 may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure in some people. If you have any known or unknown heart, blood pressure, eye, eye pressure, or similar/related issues, do not use this product unless recommended by a doctor.

Take edibles with food or eat within 60 minutes after taking them for best effects.




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