3CHI Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridge

This delta-8-THC vape cartridge from 3Chi is one of the most potent delta-8 cartridges available currently. 

It comes various flavors to ensure your recreational or wellness needs are effectively catered for.

If you want more puffs or want your cartridge to last a longer time, the 1ml 3Chi delta-8-THC vape cartridge is your best bet. 

The cartridge contains a potent broad-spectrum blend consisting of cannabinoids and strain-specific terpenes that are responsible for the wide range of flavors.

The 1ml cartridge contains 1000mg total extract, specifically around 900 to 950mg delta-8-THC, which is 95%+ of the total extract, 50 to 100mg CBN, CBC, and strain-specific terpenes to enable the entourage effect, therefore more benefits.

It doesn’t contain any cutting agent, just the pure concentrated oil. 

The cartridge contains no PG, VG, Vitamin E, PEG, MCT, or any other agent that may be harmful to your health.

3Chi uses TH2 CCELL cartridges with a glass tank and high-quality ceramic heating coil. 

The ceramic coil heats the oil evenly, ensuring consistent puffs and no burns. The cartridge is breath and button activation compatible and uses the standard 510 thread.

The quality of the cartridge itself adds to the overall experience, and the fact it is compatible with 510 batteries means that you don’t have to get a new battery unless you don’t already own one

This vape product is very pure and concentrated; thus, it may be a bit harsh on the throat for those unaccustomed to vaping concentrated cannabinoids. 

On the other hand, the product is very potent, so you only need a few puffs a day.

It is available in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes and a variety of Sativa/Indica/Hybrid effects depending on the strain you select. 

Pick one today HERE we have the best priced 3CHI vapes in the Raleigh-Durham area. 

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