What is Rosin? And Why It's the healthiest.

Rosin is an extraction method that releases resin from the Hemp plant.

The rosin process comes from combining high heat and immense pressure to produce a solvent-less CBD oil via a rosin press. This method brings out your product's oil from its trichome heads, resulting in a high-terpene, high potency, all-natural CBD oil.

A Rosin Press-no solvents used, just heat and pressure to extract the oil from hemp making it a healthy way to consume CBD. 

Rosin is a perfect solution for anyone self-conscious about the damaging contaminants found in their CBD products. To understand why a solvent-less concentrate like rosin is so appealing is because it does not contain anything but a high concentration of hemp.

While other concentrates need solvents to dissolve the material, rosin simply requires heat and a pressing device. Basically, rosin is the plant material that has been pressed into a thin and uniform sheet by pressing it between two hot devices and then emulsified with a carrier such as MCT oil.

What this process does is squeeze all the resin out of the hemp flower buds. The hemp flower naturally produces resin through its trichomes, which are resin glands. This sticky resin is full of extremely concentrated amounts of the plant compounds that are considered desirable. Through pressing out this resin, we end up with a concentrate that is extremely high in cannabinoids, terpenes and the many other very potent full spectrum of compounds that we associate with the hemp plant.

This means that it contains an extremely high amount of CBD. CBD is the leading compound in hemp and the one that gets the most attention because of its wide array of exciting properties. So, when you consume rosin, you are getting a lot more CBD than what you would get from your average dose of an oral tincture without any toxic solvents.

Additionally, rosin provides your body with every other compound from the hemp plant. This includes the full array of additional cannabinoids, which produce synergistic effects. Then, there are flavonoids that seem to boost these synergistic properties of cannabinoids. Additionally, there are the terpenes that give hemp its famous color and aroma, while offering a wide variety of thrilling properties of their own.

We carry Rosin drops from Ouachita Farms 1000mg and 2000mg

That is what you get when you consume rosin – no solvents, no carrier oils, and no unnecessary fillers which when consumed is much healthier.

Rosin is also unique in that a small dose gives you far more of those plant compounds that you love about hemp. Therefore, you may find that your hemp experience is more potent when you consume rosin compared to other products.

If you are looking for a clean, healthy potent CBD oil, give it a try. Order on line and save. 


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