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Toxic lets you enjoy a perfect vape experience by offering some great flavors, aromas, and effects. 

Toxic does not cut corners when it comes to hardware. To provide the best vaping experience these cartridges involve Authentic CCell Hardware.

The Forbidden Fruit strain is a cross of Cherry pie and Tangie, two very potent and tasty strains. 

It is an excellent strain for unwinding at the end of a busy, stressful day. Because of its high Indica ratio, you will instantly start feeling a tremendous dose of relaxation flowing through your body. 

The experience begins with the taste of sweet, fruity cookies tricking down your throat and latching of your tongue. With the exhale, the flavor is even more profound as your body releases the sweet, fruity smoke from your lungs.

The high Delta 8 THC level of this strain will give you a powerful high starting in your head and making its way to the rest of your body. With a tranquilizer-like relaxation, you will feel sleepy, but it wouldn’t knock you out straight away. 

Along with the physical impact, Forbidden fruit strain also delivers pleasant cognitive release. It will clear your mind from clutter and negative feelings and place you in a meditative state. Your mind and body will start aligning, and you will feel complete bliss. 

The effects will start strong, but slowly it will reduce into a sleepy intoxication, and you will have a great night of sleep while your mood is uplifted along the way.



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