Hi On Nature Delta 8 Nerd Rope 2500mg - Triangle Hemp Wellness
Hi On Nature Delta 8 Nerd Rope 2500mg - Triangle Hemp Wellness

Hi On Nature Delta 8 Nerd Rope 2500mg

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Whenever you eat something from Hi On Nature, you can count on it to be intense. Now they have made super high-potency nerd ropes!

These two nerd ropes, totaling a potent 2450mg of Delta 8 THC, are included in each individual serving size.

These tart candy pebbles are sprinkled over a juicy and delicious gummy!


  • High-Quality Delta 8 THC
  • 2 1250mg Infused Nerd Ropes Per Package (2500mg Total)
  • Juicy Gummy Coated in Tart And Crunchy Candy Pebbles
  • Heat-Resistant
  • 3rd Party Lab-Tested

Hi On Nature Delta 8 Nerd Rope 2500mg are a high-potency trip that users will remember. 

Even though these aren't space rings, they will still send you to the moon and back. Hi On Nature has quickly become the brand people look for when they want treats with a lot of potency. Many of their edibles have 250mg or more for people who know what they're doing.

There are two 1250mg Delta 8 THC ropes in a single-serve package of these nerd ropes. Each rope is made of Hi On Nature's heat-resistant gummy formula, which is then covered with tart and crunchy candy pebbles.

These just may be the strongest Delta 8 nerd rope people have ever used.

How much Delta 8 THC do I need to feel good?

It depends on the individual asking the question; there is no one correct response. Some people need 500 milligrams of THC at once to feel anything, while others can get high on just 20 mg.

When attempting a new product, it's better to go easy at first and work up from there.

These Hi On Nature products may be quite strong, even for seasoned consumers.

For first-time users with a low tolerance, the recommended Delta 8 THC dosage is 5-15 milligrams per serving.
Tolerable Dose Range for Delta 8 THC: 15–45 mg per serving
THC dosage for the third tier, Delta 8, ranges from 45 mg to 150 mg per serving, and is intended for heavy daily users.

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