Feel Free Plant Based Tonic - Triangle Hemp Wellness
Feel Free Plant Based Tonic - Triangle Hemp Wellness
Feel Free Plant Based Tonic - Triangle Hemp Wellness

Feel Free Plant Based Tonic

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Botanic Tonics' health tonic is a drink made from kava, kratom, and other traditional plants. In the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where kava and other ancient plants are from, they have been used for hundreds of years to improve both physical and social health. Their proprietary blend is also known to help with anxiety, productivity, focus, and so much more!

Do something new that makes you happy and sets you free. Try the feel-good wellness tonic today!

Product Description

  • 2oz(60ml) bottle

When should I enjoy Botanic Tonics' feel free?

When you want to feel more social, when you need a clean burst of energy, or when you need to lock in and focus, Feel Free is the supplement for you. Instead of drinking alcohol, drinking energy drinks, or using pharmaceutical attention boosters, the Feel Free plant-based tonic is a great alternative.

How much of the Feel Free wellness tonic should I consume?

Each serving is equal to one-half of the bottle. More than two servings per day is considered excessive. You should not consume alcohol with this product. 

How should I anticipate the feeling of this tonic?

Although the effects of feel free vary from person to person, they often include increased sociability and a surge of focused, calm energy.

Just how effective is Feel free Botanic Tonics'?

After 15-30 minutes of intake, Feel Free tonic provides the desired impact, unlike other alcohol and energy drink alternatives on the market.

Is feel free organic?

Our products are vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly. Plus, it contains zero artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors or ingredients.

What does Kava taste like?

Kava will make you feel amazing, but it does not always have a pleasant taste, particularly for those who are trying it for the first time. Kava tea that has been brewed in the traditional manner has a flavor that is quite earthy; you could compare it to the taste of dirty water. Even those who have consumed kava their whole lives, such as those from Vanuatu and Fiji, do not enjoy the flavor of the beverage. Instead, they enjoy the way it makes them feel. Many people enjoy mixing kava with different beverages because of this. 

How Quickly Does Kava Take Effect?

The time it takes for the body to feel the effects of kava might vary depending on a number of factors.

In most people, the effects of kava won't be felt for at least 15 minutes, and it may take as long as 30 minutes before the first wave of effects kicks in.

The euphoric effects of kava often set in first, followed by the calming or sedative effects, although this varies.

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