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Dutch Chocolate Snickerdoodle 100mg D9 Cookie

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A local chef prepares these Dutch Chocolate Snickerdoodles once a week to assure freshness. Snickerdoodles are a classic American dessert. This crinkly-topped, chewy Dutch chocolate cookies have a hint of gently spicy cayenne pepper and are really delicious. This scrumptious delicacy made from scratch that will make you happy.

Description: Because Deutermann's products are created from scratch, they have a limited shelf life, and we cannot guarantee the quality for weeks or months after they are delivered. We want to continue providing you with potent edibles made from high-quality ingredients, therefore we recommend storing them in the refrigerator or freezer to extend their shelf life.

Suggested use: For the best experience, be sober and well-hydrated. Eat a quarter or half a cookie for the occasional edible cannabis user, and a whole cookie for the experienced cannabis user; nevertheless, this may still be too much as these are SUPER POTENT. Please allow 1-3 hours for them to take effect.

*Do not purchase if you have nut allergies.

With less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight, this hemp product is federally legal. While under the influence of this substance, do not drive a car or heavy machinery. Keep out of children's reach.

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